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Transmission Shipping Crate Instructions


These were writen for the 700r4 and 4L60e, for other transmissions you will need to take measurments prior to building the supports.

Items needed

Now, lets put it together...
Cut plywood to 15 1/2" x 28", so it will fit into the bottom of your container.
Screw 1" x 3" together to form a box that fits snug to pan. I use (3) screws per joint. This should now make a box around the tranny pan.
Screw box to plywood, from the bottom. 3 1/2" from the front, and 1 3/8" from each side.
Use a piece of scrap 2" x 4" (approximately 7 1/2" long) to make block for eye hooks. Screw eye hooks in horizontally at the front (3 1/2" end). Screw to plywood from the bottom.
Use another scrap piece of 2" x 4" to make rear block. Screw eye hooks in vertically. Screw to plywood from the bottom
This is what it should look like in the box. The belhousing will face the left side of this picture
This is what it should look like with the transmission in the box. Notice that none of the transmission is pushing against the plastic container at any point.
Tie it down, criss-crossing over the center, make sure you put a line over the bellhousing and the tailshaft, and tie it tight...
Now all you need to do is secure the top of the container and make sure it is sealed with duct tape, mark it FRAGILE, and THIS SIDE UP. Then contact DHL to get rates, schedule a pickup, or drop it off at one of their drop-off locations. Our shop address is 18 S. Kingston Drive Newark, Delaware 19713. Please contact Frank through email or phone (302-250-1202) prior to shipping/dropping off your transmission to make sure everything is scheduled.

Remeber the usual weight of a DRAINED '60E with the container and wood is about 145 lbs.
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