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CPT Home page

Company Details and History

   CPT (Cahall Performance Transmissions) is located in Newark, DE. and is owned by Frank Cahall. Frank is the primary builder with over 15 years experience building automatic transmissions. Franks first 7 years as a builder were spent at a transmission shop that was heavily involved in building racing automatics for the DE, MD, PA, and NJ areas. This shop was not just any run of the mill transmission shop. It was also an R&D shop for many of the industries racing components... Especially those designed for the 700/4L60E transmissions. Eventhough Franks interests lie in racing transmissions, he found it neccessary for financial reasons to make the move to another shop in the De. area. While the move definitely helped pay the bills better, he got stuck in a rut building more transmissions for Ford trucks and Tauruses than he cares to comment about.

   In 2000 Frank began racing his 1993 LT1 Z28 at Cecil County Dragway. This was after he had taken a very long (4 years) hiatus from racing his 12 second '77 street/strip/show Camaro. With an intial outing of a 13.47 with only a CAI, and exhaust he found himself hooked again. After rebuilding the 700R4 in his car, and adding a 3200stall, and gears he found himself as one of the quickest "bolt on" LT1's in the country (12.82). After doing a small cam, and ported heads, the car slipped to a 12.0 @ 112 MPH.

   Frank soon found himself deeply involved in the LT1 and 4th gen. Camaro community. The common thread among Camaro owners seemed to be that they all thought the 700/4L60E transmission was junk, and wouldn't last in a performance/race car, but Frank knew different. He saw a very alarming trend among Camaro owners to take the 700/4L60E's out and installing TH350's and TH400's in cars running in the 13's, simply because of the 700/4L60E's reputation of being weak. He heard of countless accounts of people having these transmissions built by sub-par shops and having them last only a few months. Based on this knowledge he coaxed his boss into letting a few specialty race transmissions to be built at the shop he worked at. These "specialty" jobs resulted in one 4L60E running 11.0's in a Nitroused '97 Firebird. The 4L60E held up for 2 years, until the whole car was diassembled and the trans. was sold. These numbers made the Camaro/Firebid community take notice, and soon Frank was swamped with e-mails requesting him to build 4L60E's.

   In 2001, Franks cousin, Tim, bought his old '77 Camaro, and they took it racing again. This partnership eventually led into them building a '70 Camaro with a 386 (destroked 400) engine that they put together themselves. To date, the '70 has ran 10.90 @ 124 MPH with a CPT built manual valvebody TH350.

   After much discussion between the cousins about the shortage of REAL transmission builders, and the idea to use the cars as advertisement, CPT was formed.

The moral of all this is simple... If you have a 700/4L60E, don't be "skeert" of it! Send it to someone who knows what it takes to make one work and last! Send it to CPT!
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