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12/08/2006 CPT Pro Race 4l60e runs 9's.  
   One of our Customer's has finally hit the 9's after 8 months of running our Pro Race 4l60e through many low 10 second passes.

   The following is an excerpt from a thread on Camaroz28.com about CPT's work. "I wanted to let you and everyone know how good of a tranny this actually was. I got the Pro Race Tranny.....yea it was 1600.00 but it was well worth it after dealing with a local guy and going through 5 tranny's I finally found CPT. I got my stock 4l60 to a 10.9 and it finally took a ****. With Franks tranny I was going consistant 10.3 and pulling 1.4 60fts. I had my best ET ever which was a 9.7 @ 144.57 mph and a 1.39 60ft."

   Congrats Hodges we knew you could do it.


7/12/2006 CPT's new shop is up and running.  
   Our new address is 18 S. Kingston Drive Newark, Delaware 19713.

   For our local customers, we're very accesible from I-95 and Rte. 40. The phone number will stay the same. We're very happy to have things rolling again. We'll now have better equipment and work environment.

   Thanks, everyone for your patience.


5/1/2006 CPT is moving to a new shop.  
   CPT is moving to a new location. Please contact Frank through email or phone (302-250-1202) prior to shipping of your transmission.  

2/7/2006 CPT now offers a "freshen up" service to our customers.  
   We are now offering a "freshen up" service for any of our transmissions for a 3 year period after purchase. We already give a 6 month on parts and a year on labor for our "race", and "pro race" rebuilds. This is an extra service. The way it works is, if you ever need any work done after your warranty is up, we'll still do a "refresh" for a small fee...Probably in the neigborhood of $250. This will cover any clutches, bands, and "soft parts". Any "hard parts" that are replaced will still be the customers resonsibility.

   This service will work great for those who may have an engine out and would like to have the transmission gone back through if it's been in for a few years. Or if you originally bought a "race" rebuild, but are thinking about nitrous, we could upgrade to a "pro race" option for the cost of the optional parts + the $250 "freshen" fee.

   We offer this also because many racers like to have their transmissions gone back through every few seasons anyway.

   This service is only available to those who we originally built the transmissions for.

   More information and be found here, if you have questions about this service please ask.

1/18/2006 CPT becomes a Supporting Vender on CamaroZ28/CZ28.com.  
   Due to the overwhelming success of CPT, the owners of CamaroZ28.com (also known as CZ) have requested for him to become a Supporting Vender on their site. Frank has been on that site for many years helping others with information as well as giving out free advice. Frank is happy to now be able to advertise on CZ and have the ability to more easily provide members of that site quality products.  

12/12/2005 Transmission shipping crate instructions online.  
   Crate instruction are online, for those who want information on how to ship you tranny to CPT.  

10/1/2005 CPT customer cars take 1st and 2nd place in the LS1 Pure Street class of EFA's (Eastern F-Body Association) 05 points cup.  
   Two CPT customers, Ed Gay and Barry (Sam) Harvey took 1st and 2nd place respectively in the EFA 05 points cup. Sam was trailing in the points standing prior to this event due to a problematic transmission, and was getting slower and slower at the track. Before the final of the 3 track sessions that make up this event Sam decided to go with the pressure of his competitor Ed and take his tranny to CPT. Sam ended up winning in the last event and that brought him within 3 points of Ed. Sam, if you would have gotten us your tranny sooner you would have won the points cup...

   The following is an excerpt from an email from Ed Gay to Frank Cahall:
"Sams screen name is 1BADLS1, 1 BAD98LS1 on Ls1 tech. He is a full bolt on car (FAST, headers, pulley, 160 t-stat, edit, and a Yank PT4000.) He has done a lot of weight reduction. His best was this spring, he ran an 11.98 with a 1.55 60 ft. I had to set his shiftpoints at 5600 because his trans took so long to shift that it'd hit the rev limiter if I went higher. The weekend before we dropped the trans off the best he could get was a 12.15. I have been telling him all year to get the trans to you and he finally did. Sunday He pulled in and ran an 11.89 @ 112 with a 1.55 first run. His best was a 11.86 with a 1.54. He went on to take first in the event, I took second. My best was 11.90 on a 1.55. I still won the '05 Championship for EFA Pure Street LS1 class. I need to add a FAST and do some tuning before next year!"

   Ed thank you for the support, but I think you were just holding Sam back so that you could take the lead... Just kidding!!! Congrats to both of you, and best of luck next year...

9/15/2005 Use DHL to ship your Tranny to CPT.  
   There have been a couple cases where UPS has damaged transmissions or completely refused shipping them. We have found that the most reliable and cost effective shipping company is DHL. I am currently working on a detailed instruction page to help prep/packaging the transmission for shipping. Until then please contact CPT for any questions regarding shipping your transmission to us.

   The following is an excerpt from a message on Camaroz28.com about shipping their tranny to CPT writen by Frank Cahall of CPT modified with a couple of pics:
"OK...Here's the insight on shipping to us.....First off...DON'T USE UPS!.

We've been packaging them in Sterilite 45 gallon containers with a plywood/1x3" "tray" for them. I make a "box" out of 1x3" wood that fits around the pan, and then attatch it to a piece of 11/32 plywood...That's cut to fit exactly inside the container floor. The container has wheels at one end, so your plywood will be 28"x15 1/2". The inside of your 1x3" box will measure 13 1/2" x 11 1/4". Screw the box together so that it is 3" tall. After you get the box secured to the plywood "floor", screw some "outriggers" to the plywood floor and use (4) 3 3/4"x9/16" screw eyes in them to run some heavy rope through. We use 2 at the front and 2 at the rear (at the tailhousing). We use scrap pieces of 2x4"s for our "outriggers".
We then attatch the top with duct tape, and mark it FRAGILE, and THIS SIDE UP. We ONLY ship through DHL now!

This shipping arrangement will keep the transmission from moving around inside the plastic Sterilite container. Usual weight of a DRAINED '60E with the container and wood is 145#.

I'm in the process of working on detailed instructions with pictures and drawings to add to our web page. Sorry it's not available yet.


4/9/2005 CPT partners with PSZweb to get more webspace.  
   Due to high demand placed on his web site, Frank quickly found that his site was only available for the first half of the month. This was do to the fact that Frank was using Yahoo for hosting and the limited space they provide per month was being exceeded. Another member of EFA was John Pszenyczniak (1SlowFormula) who also runs PSZweb, John and Frank became friends after Frank built a transmission for John's slow Formula. So, after the second month in a row (and in existance) of CPT's website using it's bandwidth within the first couple weeks of the month, John offered to help.  

3/2/2005 CPT becomes a sponsor on the EFA (Eastern F-Body Association) message board.  
   Requests for information/builds from the local members of the EFA started pouring in, this was caused by everyone bragging about Frank building great performance transmissions on the EFA forum. Frank saw what was happening and began advertising on the web, starting his own website, and going into the message boards to help others with transmissions problems. This led to his decision to become a sponsor of EFA's message board/forum.  
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