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CPT Home page

Pricing Policy

Contact me if you have any questions regarding the Pricing Policy or Down Paymnet information.

1) 50% Down Payment for rebuild is required prior to starting any work

2) All Accessories and Options are to be paid in full at the time of order

3) Balance & Return Shipping to be paid upon completion of work

As an example...

  Component Price   Breakdown
  4L60E Race Rebuild $1000 - 50% Down  $500
  Optional 4L65E Input Reaction Hub $235   $235
  10.5" ProTourque Converter $620   $620

  Total Order Cost =  $1855* Required Down Payment =  $1355
      Required Upon Completion =  $500**
* The above example does not include any "hard parts". If hard parts are needed, the cost of the parts will be added to the final balance.
** Does not include return shipping charges, if applicable.
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